A rest from work; break

We’re a small but mighty duo of digital experts from Massachusetts specializing in small- to mid-sized business digital marketing.


We understand how important a strong digital presence is, but we also understand that some businesses may not have the tools or manpower to launch and maintain a digital marketing package.

Consider Smoko Digital your digital marketing team. Our solutions are customized to fit your business goals and budget. We help make unique and holistic marketing plans for your business based on data. 

We're balanced.

More than an individual.

With a freelancer, your company relies on just one person to conceptualize, build, monitor, report on and optimize your brand's vision.


Better than an agency.

We choose each of our very few clients wisely. This means we have the time and passion to devote full attention and transparency to our partnerships, instead of diluting our efforts over numerous agency accounts.

Our philosophy is simple: digital marketing should be balanced. We are as resourceful and creative as we are methodical and analytical. We walk the tightrope between left- and right-brain on a daily basis.

We're a rare breed of communicative nerds. And our goal is for small business owners to have the chance to take a break.