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B2B Solutions
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Smoko Digital specializes in lead generation through digital advertising for B2B companies, primarily tech. Scale your top and bottom of funnel efforts with LinkedIn Ads, Google Search, YouTube Ads and Display.

Our extensive experience in ABM marketing can help you reach your target account lists, retarget to those who haven’t converted, and open new opportunities with lookalikes and sophisticated demographic targeting. 


Maximize your exposure with our unique strategies for paid search that help you gain more downloads, leads, and demos to pass to your sales team. We’re also comfortable advising on best practices for nurture campaigns and follow up strategies.


Finally, rely on us for regular reporting and strategy calls to discuss new campaigns, optimizations, platform updates, and lead quality. We work with our clients to build the best functioning campaigns for their industry. 


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our b2b clients

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B2C Solutions
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Target current customers for repeat purchases or upsells, retarget to those who haven’t yet purchased, reach those that engage with your social media, or target new opportunities through lookalikes or demographic targeting. Audience opportunities are endless for B2C.


Trust our in-house design and copywriting experts for quick turnaround times on copy and creative to round out your campaign.


Our regular reporting and strategy check-ins are perfect for discussing sales, ROAS, and opportunities for new campaigns due to product launches.


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Interested in reaching new clients or customers with campaigns that convert well? Our B2C solutions are designed to increase leads and/or sales through various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Stories, Google Search, Display, YouTube, or Programmatic Channels.



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our b2c clients

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